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"We are mistaken if we believe we are in possession of the truth, just as we are mistaken if we believe we are in error. Absurdity is the only way forward. It was a way I knew, the only one that led anywhere."

- Thomas Bernhard


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sooo in my philosophy class we were all choosing philosophers to roleplay and to interact with other philosophers. so i naturally chose albert camus. and it turns out some kid in my class chose jean-paul sartre. and you know what? i cant wait to beat that nerd up.

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The oppressed suffer from the duality which has established itself in their innermost being. They discover that without freedom they cannot exist authentically. Yet although they desire authentic existence, they fear it. They are at one and the same time themselves and the oppressor whose consciousness they have internalized. The conflict lies in the choice between being wholly themselves or being divided; between ejecting the oppressor within or not ejecting them; between human solidarity or alienation; between following prescriptions or having choices’ between being spectators or actors; between acting or having the illusion of acting through the action of the oppressors; between speaking out or being silent, castrated in their power to create and recreate, in their power to transform the world. This is the tragic dilemma of the oppressed which their education must take into account. Paulo Friere, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 1993
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